This year I turn 34. Finding out that I had (using the past tense had because I have that much faith believing I will be FREE of) cancer, my attitude and reaction was a bit different. Once Dr.Bidus told me I immediately thought “OK, now what do I have to do to not have cancer?”

I did go thru some crying times as well as some laughing times but here is one story I must share with you.

December 21st 2015, I was getting ready to receive my first round of chemo. The whole entire day I was acting like “The Rock” getting ready to jump into the ring and



There I was… Sitting on my hospital bed. My mom at my side and Thomas (my awesome nurse) at the other side. Everything was good up until I saw the bag of chemo and somehow I went from being THE ROCK to a crying, fragile human being. In that moment I had lost my focus. I knew that everything was going to change. I knew I was going to loose my hawaiian hair and the ability to color and do whatever I wanted with it. I knew my body inside and out would be changing. At that moment of getting hooked up, I started to cry.

And in that very moment, Thomas said to me “YOU GOT THIS! You have 6 kids! This is nothing to you! You can do this!” As he proceeded to give me such an amazing analogy that till this day, every time I see the many different bags of chemotherapy that I am getting and the side effects I go thru and the many different things that are flushing out of my body, I think of this…

“Imagine that every time you see the bags of chemo, it’s like your getting troops and sending in the Elves (from Lord Of The Rings) and they’re going in to KILL THE ORCS!”

AND I TELL YOU WHAT! That has changed my view so much! Every single time I get connected to a bag I always say “DOWN WITH THE ORCS!!!” Every time I see particles in the toilet “DOWN WITH THE ORCS!!!” Every time my bones hurt “DOWN WITH THE ORCS!!!” Every time I feel nauseous “DOWN WITH THE ORCS!!!”

I do believe in the power of prayer. I believe in balancing a spiritual, mental and physical life is important for me to get my body healing. Adding this to my thoughts was an added boost!!! MAHALO NUI LOA THOMAS!!!


This picture was taken January 21th 2016. Day 1.

16 Thoughts

    1. Thomas is my grandson so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.
      May God continue to bless you with peace, and may He comfort your family during and after your treatment. 🌹

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      1. Well then I should thank you so much for an awesome grandson!!! I have taken him on as my Brother whether he likes it or not! hahaha!!! And thank you so much for your words.


  1. You are amazing. . Im so thankful for your nurses and doctors in your wonderful family they are all taking good care of you and I’m thankful for your amazing faith because that in itself ensures that you are going to beat this!!!!!!♡

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  2. I am Thomas’s uncle. I am so glad that he has helped. I am so proud of the fine young man he has become and you sharing this is I believe will help many others in the same situation. Positive thoughts for you and your family.

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  3. As you walk through this valley know that you are not alone. The Lord is the only one who can bring complete peace and comfort to you. Trust him with that. When I went through my cancer at 33 years old, 3 children, and a 2 month old making 4 children, as much as my scared husband tried to be strong and comfort me, he couldn’t. For the first time I realized my mortality and that I would have to do this alone. But, God showed me I wasn’t, he was there with me through every test and treatment. I turn 46 this June and am cancer free. Sweet sister lean on the Lord He will give you strength. AND kick that cancers butt, kill those orcs!

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