I am currently on Cycle 3 Day2 of chemo treatment. Yesterday I allowed my body to be bombarded with 12 different products to keep on the path of KILLING THE ORCS!!! I ended up staying up for a whole 24 hours because of one of the medications. I was loud, happy, joking, walking, positive, cheerful and man I was gettin some work in!!! I didn’t allow my body to feel the pain. I countered it with food, fluids, lots of walking and lots of laughter. Of course I was causing all the ruckus. Seeing one of my favs walk in I was reminded of a story of true aloha.

In cycle 2 I was doing ok. Learning a lot about the different chemos. I was getting great results during the day but when the shifts changed, by morning time I was looking pale, numbers down and heavy bleeding again. Now i’m not sharing this to cause any hate or ugliness towards Tip and Top (that’s what i’ll call them). If I hold no grudge only forgiveness then so shall you when you read this.

So for those 2 nights that I started to go down, I was dealing with very to data people. Nothing wrong with that but when you focus more on data instead of the patient things get a little crazy. Especially for severe analytical people. Mom had made me a chart on the board to mark down my water intake to help me challenge myself to drink more. Well what I had on the board was way more then what was being charted in the computer. Tip didn’t know what to do so of course she asked Top. Well Top questions Tip if she thought I was lying about it. Top decided to take care of it and come see me.

She started to interrogate me and drill me straight off the bat. Not knowing that I was a very different type of patient that like to move and groove and challenge myself. She went as far as getting a calculator to calculate each marking. Cause I was absolutely unbelievable! Drilling and drilling me and still not believing me. I didn’t realize how much it started working on my spirit.

Well Brittnee, one of my favs, was on that night and she allowed me to vent to her my troubles. Immediately, let me say again IMMEDIATELY she said “OH NO! WE DON’T DO THAT HERE!” After I was done, she gave me a huge hug as I was wiping my tears and started to build me back up thru her words of encouragement and pure aloha.

Later on mom told me she heard Brittnee confronting the both of them with strength and authority but most importantly with righteousness. Meaning she did it in a very professional way without letting her own emotions get in the way. I received an apology from Tip (because she really did instigate it all unnecessarily). Top was to proud.

But in a moment that I was down and trying to make sure my mom wouldn’t choke someone! hahahaha Brittnee was there and took much care in making it right. And in hawaiian we call that PONO! Little did she know she was operating with ALOHA (click)


MakeMahalo Everyday!


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  1. My “Mother-feathers” get ruffled when I recognize unnecessary and unfair treatment being done, not just to my daughter, but anyone. For the most part, it was clear that “Tip & Top”, wanted to make an example of her. I can respect those who take time to really get to “know” the patient individually, and not try to categorize them by their experiences with others. These two were clearly unprofessional. And to be able to really help a patient “heal”, requires Professional Caring Nurses, who are not intimidated but strong, willful patients that are doing their part to get well. “Tippy-Tippy” need to go back to Nursing School for Basic Care.

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