A Father’s Love, Happy Birthday Daddy!


And then there was me. Conceived with love but also without knowledge that God had a plan that would test and press my parents love to a whole other level. Once it was made known that I was on the way my father was the happiest father on the islands, probably in the world! Along the way mom started hemorrhaging, heavily. Rushing herself to the hospital only to be told they couldn’t hear heart beat and to wait for the baby to abort. Imagine the heart break she was going thru, they were going thru.

It was a hard time because it was a pain that my daddy couldn’t fix. Because he COULD always fix things and make things better but this was out of his hands. God still had his plans. I was born February 18th 1982. I became their Pilali (special love). I was cherished. Some like to call it spoiled but not so. I am loved so much so that people have a hard time understanding their love for me. Even to present day as my parents take me on to be my caregivers in my time of need, some find it hard to fathom and think that I am a burden to them. Although it is bitter sweet, they have joy and peace to know that they can do this for me.

But my daddy…. my daddy…. (if I can get this out without crying) Has always been my 20140726_180911hero. He worked hard in the military. He worked hard for his family. Spending 16+ hour days only to come home and have Tea Time with me and spending one on one time with each of his 4 kids. Never complaining. Never being forced to be a father. Taking us on adventures and hikes even after hard work days. But for he and I, we always had our tea time. Never not once showing us the actual hardship of work and finances.

And now, present day, I have an illness that he cannot take. He watches me go thru pain. He flushes my pick-line everyday. He checks my temperature daily. He goes out to buy me fresh coconut cause he knows I love it. Buying anything he knows that will help heal me and nourish me and make me better.

I see how he wishes he could take this from me. God has other plans that not even I know of. And here is the struggle. A heavenly Father who gives me peace and says “I got you” and my earthly Father that says “Take me Lord, not my baby.” “why Lord, why my baby?”…. “Why my baby?”…. “WHY? The one who has never harmed anyone. The one who always gave of herself to anyone in need. The one who was never mean, never hurtful. Whose intentions were always good. Lord why my baby?”

12144869_10205122526444404_8030209442294285341_nMy fathers love has no end, NO END. He would do anything for his kids. Each and everyone of us. He continues to work not cause he has to but cause he wants to …cherish and adorn my mother. Bless his 4 kids… And now… takes each one of his 24 grandkids out, one by one and blesses each one. Never complaining about time or money because he values LIFE! Ā I usually don’t talk about how awesome of a father I have because too much jelly people out there wishing evil things but that time for me is done. I serve an awesome God who blessed me with an awesome daddy and he deserves to be praised!!!

God, bless my daddy on this special day, HIS BIRTHDAY!!! Only you can do miraculous blessings! And bless all those good daddies that work hard for their families! Amen.

This picture was for my dad’s dad 90th Birthday



2 Thoughts

  1. I’m crying because every word is true and pure. I’ve lived under the shadow of God’s love thru this wonderful husband who gave me and my children all the loving care and happiness to build good memories in our life. Every hardship was turned into another Tandal adventure or project, with a “let’s-get-er-done” attitude, which is where you (Pomai) get that from. And from me it was: “…and this too, shall past”. Reading this blog, only amplifies my loving devotion to your Dad, today and forever more… Mahalo for this beautiful tribute to your Dad on his Birthday. He’s gonna cry ~ with tears of love and joy, for you, His Baby-Girl…

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