💩 Why Would You Say That!?🌈

I bought a book by Aaron Levi called “Get Sh*t Done”. He compiled a whole bunch of awesome quotes from many different people into one book. Yes I could’ve turned to Pinterest. Yes I could’ve googled quotes. Call me an OG I still like reading books and turning pages.

I told myself that this is an awesome book because that’s what I need to do. You see, I’m not just a mommy of 6. I’m not just a wife. I don’t make them my one and only reason for living.

Even though I have kids I’m not going to try and live my unfulfilled dreams through theirs as they become Dancers, song writers, writers, athletes, business owners, artists and straight up GENIUSES!

I GOT MY OWN DREAMS TOO! That I can still fulfill with a full house family. Because my dreams or goals do not consist of selfish, egotistical dreams, oh no.

But what I thought to know, that I need to Get Sh*t Done, is actually something that I don’t want to do!
I don’t want to sh*t if I don’t have to. What does that even mean!? Why would someone even say that!? Or even come up with that!?

NOT ME!!! AND NOT YOU!!! Let’s change the world!!! Let’s make it happen and “MAKE THE RAINBOW!” I’ve always loved rainbows since my first encounter in hawai’i. And even though I was diagnosed with stage4 cancer, side effects, emotional instability, blah blah blah. I don’t want to think about trying to get kaka done.


So I say leave the 💩 junk for the toilet and change or thoughts to making rainbows!

Much aloha to you all for your love, prayers, support and goodies!

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