Do or Do Not, There is No Try🌈 (wise words of Yoda)

Fighting cancer, you do have a choice. To fight it or not. There might be a middle area of trying but the trying turns into a do or don’t.

My personal fight has been one that I battle with ohana near and far. Friend’s old and new. But the choice still comes from within. Eventually my body will meet up with the earth, we all will.

I feel my kids are being raised in world where it’s a requirement to try rather then a world where my mother was expected To Do. She was expected to keep to herΒ  responsibilities of house, siblings and school. Guess what! She made it out awesome!

There was no trying whether to have my babies and then decide later on “I tried but it’s not working out”.

Although I might have my down times with my chemo treatments, I’m not going to try to battle it, I’m going to do and


I have the 2 choices to do chemo or don’t. I have the tools here on earth to take my supplements or not to take. I have the choice to pray and believe or not to believe. Live with quality or die slowly with pain. Those are my choices. The pros and con’s of cancer.


I’m going on 2 months of this and my tumor marker is now down to


My doctor’s face this morning was excited and he couldn’t stop smiling cause of my results. Which are AMAZING! Amazing because I get 6 types of chemo’s over a span of 8 days and I’m still walking, talking, dancing and laughing. Yes, those days that are down for me are spent sleeping. Other then that, they are spent loving and being loved.

Mahalo for reading, subscribing, liking, looking, supporting and sharing. Aloha🌴

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