February 18th 2016! I’m Alive!

As I took on my last bags of chemo and it started to take effect. My breathing was short, my blood pressure rising, my heart racing, the reflection in the mirror is not who I am or even how I feel like!

To a  hospital I am considered a cancer  patient. But that is not be! That’s not who I am! Cancer has no hold on me! Although it has changed me and rearranged my world upside down.

I am still: A woman, a blogger, a vlogger, a Zumba instructor, Symmetry Global Representative for over 12+ yrs, a wife to one, a mother to 6 on earth, a writer, a poet, a creator, a dancer, a lover, a fighter, a  SASSY RAINBOWLICIOUS BRINGER OF LIGHT! (And soon to be Cancer Free!)

Cancer may be in the picture now but it won’t be very soon! I share with you the past years of my life as my kids say the Lord’s prayer in hawaiian and I thank you for being here for my future! Mahalo 🌴💙🎂

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