Less Meetings, More Doing. MakeMahaloMonday

With so many meetings and appointments, my life can get a little crazy. Time is going by super fast yet when I look back, on my day day, it seems like I have all the time in the world 😂

Scheduling my time has never been more important. Yet, making time to do the things that bring joy is my main focus. My priority in life.

Having and finding joy throughout the day is so important. Keeping with meetings and making money is a need. We all get Beyonce, Taylor’s and Adele’s same hours in the day to look good, sing a note and work to stay in the limelight 😜
We may not have managers and maids but we are still given the same hours in the day to do what we want.

Ugly Confession. I was always great with planning and scheduling meetings, meetups, ideas, wishes, hours and dreams collaged out 😜😂  
But Following thru… Not so much! Which is like the most important part of anything! Seeing my goal thru!


So this year of great amazing changes, I, Truly Patience, will do less meetings and scheduling and more doing! 😁

I had planned 2 or 3 weeks ago to walk Rustin Way, go to the new bakery and take in a matinee movie! Something I’ve never done before! Guesd what! If I didn’t write this today… I was going to cancel on myself!!!:? YIKES!

Here’s to making positive changes already 😂:) Enjoy & Have an awesome Make Mahalo kind of day! Aloha😗

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