Mind over Ugliness!

Apparently I liked posing since I was little. πŸ˜‚ My dad found this picture of me when I was 9 or 10 (I think). We had just shopped the swap meet in hawai’i with my Uncle Hans and Aunty. My Uncle wanted to buy me something and this is what I picked. Bright pink 2 piece! Wow!


The other picture was taken recently by my mom as we walked Point Rustin after one of my appointments.

Yes I used to be brown when we lived in hawai’i 😜 but looking at this side by side comparison, I can’t help but think how I always loved dancing, wellness, fitness, helping people.


Jan. 2015 my sister and I always help each other. Dance and fitness is our passion.


Mar. 2014 I helped my hula sister get to her lowest bmi & weight while she could still gain muscle.


Dec. 2013 my all time lowest weight & bmi. I was also gaining muscle and losing good fat. My food, supplements and nutrition is top of the line.

From the age of 9 on to 20 I had to fight within myself not to believe what not only society was telling me but what those around me was feeding me. Ugliness! Just pure ugliness. At one point I started to believe the lies and so I became the lies. Depression set in and so did everything else that was ugly.

One day, I took some Polaroid shots of myself with a 2pc bathing suit on. As I saw the horror of the unhealthy fat falling over! I made the change! Guess what! I made the change to a healthier me and the ugly talk from others changed to even more ugliness! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

So now, I find myself here. How is it that my path to wellness was so awesome and now I’m fighting stage 4 cancer!!!? πŸ˜•
A deformed spermπŸ™, molar pregnancy πŸ˜₯ trophoblastic disease and boom, stage 4 cancer.



Coming out of the hospital Cycle 5

My tumor marker numbers from December 21 2015: 238,000+
Present Day February 21 2016: 9

I AM IN THE SINGLE DIGITS BABY! Goods is awesome and the tools here on earth, whole food, nutrition, supplements, chemotherapy, Zumba, walking, meditating, praying and prayers all contributed to 2 months of hardship but also awesomeness! My mahalo list keeps growing! Much alohaπŸ˜—

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