Just almost die.

it’s an ALOHA kind of day so honihoni (kiss) a loved one and get to movin!😂


This weekend I attended an event with my ohana called “Wave of Wellness” by the Puyallup Tribe. I was excited! Families out with their kids, couples and even women’s groups. Laughing, learning and having fun!


I was thrilled to Zumba again! To be amongst my husband, my kids as well as friend’s I haven’t seen since December of last year and some longer then that, I got caught up in a moment of total gratefulness and thankfulness!

I was able to do YOGA by an amazing instructor! Grub on some good food that was provided through the event. Attend a creative mind opening class. ZUMBA! All with my family and friends!


Listening to some speakers talk about their journey to health was inspiring. In that moment of their speech, I looked around the room and realized that some or most of the people they were talking to really had no clue.

There is a desire to be healthy by mostly all mankind but until we are taken to the point of or almost DEATH😷😱 no wellness change will be made. The tipping point of ones life.

Dis-Ease will show it’s mark to anyone. Death can come at any moment. We are given the breath of life every morning. Choose you this day. What is serving you in this life your living? What fear is holding you back from being totally AMAZING? Have you hugged and kissed your child/children enough and told them how amazing they are before sending them off to school?

Time, disease, death is not a person you can tell “Can you hold on for a bit while I stress over my life”.
Yes, we have  responsibilities. Which I learned not to lose my life over. I’m no good to my children from the grave and i’d probably haunt my husband to no end. My love is eternal…. (insert your own evil laugh sound effect here)


Live. Be fruitful. Give. Receive. Love. Laugh. MakeMahalo

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