I watch the sun as it moves higher in the sky casting its rays on the beautiful mountain ranges and now on me. I can’t help but think no matter how many sculptures and buildings and portraits and everything that humans have made, nothing compared to how a sunrise can just take my breath away. How the beauty of it just expands more and more as time in one day goes by.


If only everyone were able to look and see the same as I do. Just to appreciate that life was given to you this morning, do as you will but be purposeful.


My ohana. Sometimes when I’m around them, I revert back to being the everything mom, parent, but then I have to catch myself. That’s how I got in this situation. Over working and stressing myself out. I take a step back and breath.

When my husband left for Alaska, he was gone for 6 months. Of course then I only had 5 kids but still by myself. Dealing with apartment living. Manager, maintenance guy that always seem to be over for some type of inspection. Then whatever type of side money I could make to pay for that apartment because the Alaska money wasn’t coming in yet.
Then my kids needs, shopping with all of them cause where I go they go. Sometimes visits at my families house but other then that, full on single mom for 6 months.


Through it all I got tired, frustrated at finances, other people around me daily adult things but never once did I complain about having the kids I made. I felt I had a duty, responsibility to give them the best experience even tho we missed daddy. Zoo trips, ice cream trips, Seattle beach trips, Trophy Cupcake trips every weekend. Even going to the movies! Oh yes, I also managed to go to them gym with the Fab5 and work my but off!


I was holding my baby boy in this pic.

No, this is not a boast about me blog. This is about the human ability to do what needs to be done. And what needed to be done at that time was to make sure the lack of one parent would not affect the kids so bad. Yes there was a miss but they lacked nothing. Not even love.


Through it all, I know I have made some mistakes. Now, I reflect and then come to present day. My stage4 cancer I am hitting the same way. What needs to be done. Making sure I lack in no area of my health care. That girl in that picture laying and posing for that perfect shot. She’s coming back with better perspective, more passion, more drive, more persistence, more spiritual connection. More power and strength. Knowing when to say yes and knowing how to say no. In this present day I have also learned how to be a receiver.
Mahalo to all who read this and I part you have a very blessed day. Aloha🌴

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