Don’t Forget What Works!

Throughout each cycle and chemo treatment I have learned new tricks that I normally, usually, apply to the next cycle. I used to like trying new things. experimenting with my hair, make-up, food, style and even dance. Experimenting on myself with stage 4 cancer is a different situation! I mean a bad hair cut (although that’ll never happen! haha) can always be cured by a cute slouchy beanie or hat or bandana. A bad cancer day could be… deathly or not. Yes, a bit dramatic but for the most part, it’s true.

A bad day could be not being able to get chemo because white blood cells are so low. Then that’s a set back because it’ll give cancer a chance to grow again. A bad day could be red blood cells being so low that you can literally do nothing for a whole week then find out you need a couple blood transfusions.

In all this preventive care is so much more important now. Finding out what works and what doesn’t. Through it all, CONSISTENCY IS KEY. Continuing to wake up and keep in the schedule. Continuing to go to all appointments. Continuing to not only eat healthy but just to eat. Continuing to stay positive and meditate day to day. CONSISTENCY.

Last week into this week I have found something that worked for me. It not only showed in my attitude but also in my lab work. Throughout this whole time I had been struggling with my white cell count fluctuating from 2.0 to 1.8 and I was told that if it went down to 1.5 they would have to postpone my treatments. The very next week I added 2 new things to my routine that I did every morning. Not only did my white cell go up to 3.55 but the rest of my lab work came back GREAT without any worries of postponing treatments. I didn’t stop everything else that was working. I just added it in.

Now I continue on keeping what works and letting go what doesn’t work. In this stage I have to constantly remind myself not to forget what works, cause I terms to do that a lot. If something new comes along, then I add it in and keep consistent with it.

Balancing and keeping consistent. We were not made to live just off of one thing. Our bodies are so brilliantly made and there are so many different and complicated components. Of course we would need a multiple of things to keep us happy and alive.

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