Last Day of Chemo on the 10th Floor

I have worked with 2 different doctors, manly one but I absolutely thank God for both! Cared for by almost all RN’s & CNA’S on oncology impatient/outpatient staff because that’s how often I was there. As well as Ivy Therapy and some food server staff who one in particular had the pleasure of dancing the Cupid Shuffle with in the hallways to her next delivery.


From the extreme lazy azz, always calling on someone else Always taking their sweet old time to respond to another coworker to an

Extreme hard worker! Using total common sense (which in our age is not so common) prepping my room before I came with a welcome post on the board to

My never ending huggers, Filipino Aunt who gets me coconut custard, To my Haitian beauty, Ethiopian beauty, American muscle & beauties, Filipino beauties, African muscle, German muscle, West African, Kenya and to all of you who I’ve never known your culture but your service MAHALO!


I tear just thinking that this is my last day here, on the 10th floor, being nurtured by you, I cannot help but being overwhelmed by the beauty of you and your care. And I mean this for both the men and women. You have touched my life. You have imprinted on my heart. And I will never forget you.

You have shown me what #MakeMahalo is. Truly giving without selfishly taking from anyone. That I believe is whatΒ  TrulyPatience is. What ALOHA is all about! TO ALL MY NURSES & DOCTORS! I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH. Because of your care I have more time to take goofy and memorable pictures with my Sweet Six babies. I know, There is One, (my Heavenly Father) that hasΒ  strategically placed me here for a purpose and I am truly grateful that He has. Aloha and much Mahalo


2 Thoughts

  1. Sending more healing prayers! Your one Awesome Person with the Most kind,very Strong, & and loving personality! Make God always watch over you and your Ohana! Love You Girl

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