Making Mahalo Moments

Today I am finding many reason and many ways to say mahalo. I don’t recommend it but losing your life really does make you see  differently! It also make me thankful that I serve a great God!

My personal story, my personal testimony, is such a miraculous one. From my surgery to the beginning of cycle 1 to this very moment, awaiting for tomorrows ending of cycle 8. My last chemotherapy treatment.

I am forever grateful for my life and the way HE has orchestrated every step of my journey. I learned about better food choices. Consistent nutritional supplements. The power of prayer and love. The healing powers of really great food! Doctors that believe. Positivity. And in my case, needing to do chemo right away to stop the cancer cells from spreading anymore then it has.

I apologize if today’s blog seems all to familiar. “Same old Patience thanking someone again”.  But my mahalo today has excitement in it! Today I had labwork done because tomorrow, as I said, ends cycle 8! One last treatment! Does it mean the cancers gone? I don’t know. That is where my faith will have to stand stronger then syringes.

I do know the cancer has stopped. The rest is up to me and what I allow inside or around my body. Today I leave you with a video of snapshots going backwards. Present day to before my prognosis was Stage 4 Trophoblastic Disease.

Love a little bit stronger. Hug a little bit longer. Make Mahalo Moments wherever you go!

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