How I Look is Not How My Heart Feels

In my mind, I feel good, vibrant, healed. In my pictures or videos I see a different person. I know I’ve talked about it before but now I would like to say, I know it’s temporary.


As my mom quotes from her mom which is from the bible, “and this to shall pass”. My condition, it is only a temporary situation. I continue on with this journey but with you by my side.

Watch my mom’s video. It was this past weekend. My sister in law, my brother and me with the high squeaky voice. As I watch this video, I look at myself,I remind myself

“this to, shall pass”

It might seem or sound like I’m vain and that all I care about is looks. I’m not vain but I do care about the way I present myself.

Now and only now I realize consistent positive (aloha kine stuff) talking to yourself and to others starts to not only work in your mind, you start to embody it in your soul, in your being, in your heart. And soon, what you start to feel inside exudes out of you and into others. And then what you see in the mirror soon starts to be what is within you.

I feel a constant joy and love just to be here with you. My prayer is that you to can find this aloha. (without having to go the extra mile, like dying)
#MakeMahalo #MyAloha

2 Thoughts

  1. Yes! And this too shall pass, and Has already Passed! Praise the Lord!
    You have kept the faith; You have run that race; therefore a Crown of Glory awaits You!
    Now on to the next phase of Your Life. Whatever that may be, it will All Glorify God!

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