It’s Officially Over

I think I was excited getting my pic-line (port to administer chemo) out more then my last day of chemo! 


I couldn’t help but be super smiley and super sunshiney! Prior to getting my pic-line out there were so many thoughts flooding they my head. The ugly “What If” thoughts.

If I focused on the ugly what ifs, I would be feeding my body bad negative vibes which would only feed the bad negative cells WHICH would keep me going to the hospital!

BUT I DIDN’T!!! I talked to my mind and body and told myself that greatness and miracles can consistently happen! Keep taking what I’m taking and doing what I’m doing and my journey to wellness will be within arms reach!


I am so excited to share this with you all! My Rainbowlicious Lovers of mine! You have been with me every step of the way! Make Mahalo was birthed from the gratitude that I felt from receiving all your support.

Now you know how I feel about my nurses and with each one I have a different aloha story. Today I feature Barb (I shortened her name for her protection hahahaha jk)


She was the first nurse to receive my mom and I and the one to take my pic-line out. And with much aloha. Shared the 5 types of grieving as we went thru cancer. With jokes and an education of information we learned that it was OK to cry… A lot… Hope you enjoy the video

Mahalo for your time, Mahalo for liking and Mahalo for sharing. Aloha

2 Thoughts

  1. OK so I couldn’t watch it all because i”M SO SQUEAMISH at blood and lines like that (I could never look at the IVs when they were going in/out – you are BRAVE!) …but I really loved loved loved just hearing the audio… and your mom’s voice brings such joy! Congratulations Paish – so happy for you. aloha, kathy j.

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