Why Not Patience!

Just a couple updates for you. This weekend was awesome! Got to see some of my ohana that I haven’t seen in a long time!


We ate, we sang, we cried, we danced and then we ate some more. Basically old school church up in here! I also got to say much Mahalo to them for showing aloha and support to not only my little ohana but also to my surrounding ohana. It was lovely.

Today’s Monday update: 04/25/16
-Labwork every other Monday for CBC and HCG.

-CT Scans in May

-Zumbaยฎ Shake Shake Shake with my sister. Going to be comparing my favorite shake mix with
Zumbaยฎ with Ho’o Zumbaยฎ Shake. I will share my favorite recipe for my MornTING juice mix. It’s going to be awesome! Come join me if you like, 5pm.


Alas, I leave you with something very random cause I can.
I was ooggling puppies online cause I miss cuddling a dog. Anyways, I stumbled upon www.bulldoghavennw.org and tell me why Patience (the English bulldog) is not adopted yet!!!? Anywho, as bad as I wanted to adopt her, I am in no position to do so. (Insert sad face fat lip here)


I was happy to see this morning that her profile is pending which means she’s getting adopted! Yay for Patience! (The English bulldog)

(Insert happy dance and happy face here!)

Mahalo for your time! Mahalo for liking and most of all Mahalo for sharing! (Insert haha laugh and big kine aloha hug)

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