Weekend Craze!

Aloha! This past week I got my lab work done which I was avoiding, as you know my pic-line is out and to get lab work done they have to poke me. No, it’s not the fun I poke you and you poke me back on Facebook and we see who will win the poke fight of the day.

I realized I was avoiding my appointment because a flood of memories shot back to my day in the ER and how I ended up with bruised arms for weeks. That and I only trust the IV nurses that can boss a vain like no ones business.

Well my results came in and my Nurse said i’m doing good in bloodwork. HCG levels did go up 1 point. I could stress and fill my days with that on the brain but i’m not going to. Instead I made my weekend crazy filled with things to do.

My ohana and I went to my Aunty and Uncles farm. Scott Farm. The kids ran around as well as going on hikes to the mountain with Uncle Steve. My little KΕ«lia rode on the back of a very patient donkey. My husband was being told by the kids that they need to go clean up the poop for Aunty Marty. KΕ«lia tried to do some gardening as I swung in a very comfortable hammock.

On the way back we stopped at Trophy Cupcakes and took our cupcakes to the park where we waited for the Seattle traffic to die out.
Life is awesome! I am breathing. I am here with my ohana. I am here with you.

Mahalo for pressing that like button. Β Mahalo for sharing. Most of all Mahalo for your time.

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