Kicking Cancers Candy Azz! (Part 1)

The scare of stage 4 cancer and death has been kicked in the bum! Although the scare of tiny cells remaining and it growing remains in my mind. Last blood draw and the results there of did kick my butt back in order. I went from 3 weeks of HCG levels being at a 5 to

You see, feeling good and off of chemo I forgot so easily that my body is still in recovery. Recovery from chemotherapy. I already started slacking! Can you believe it! Not only slacking but trying to do more then my mind could handle. It only took 1 test results to get me back in line. 

Last week my HCG Level grew 1 point. That might not be a big deal to you but 1 pt. to me means that a cancerous cell can still grow! Within that week I was determined to get my bum back in line! In recovery mode, my body needs extra of everything. EXTRA EXTRA of everything! 

Throughout my 6 months I was on a very strict regime that included drinking a bottle of Genesis x’Tranol 24 a day. Which is like drinking grape juice everyday just with 1000% more benefit! (You get my exaggeration) I know being on the Genesis as well as the Ultra Vitality got me where I’m at today. 

I’ve already told you of the high dosage chemo I was on. Having your doctor say that even he is surprised how well I’m doing told me to not only compare my treatment and lifestyle with others but to also share what I was doing. 6 months of chemo meant 6 months of a bottle of Genesis a day. I am not exaggerating when I say the cancer was growing at a rapid stage! From my uterus to my bladder and then on to my lungs. Rapidly!  I thank God my sister is a well educated licensed Nutritionalist! My Parents Spiritualist! And my God, ONE AMAZING DUDE! For sure. 

The vision and tools he has given to the doctors that formulated these products is just amazing! If you live in the Pacific Northwest, I would like to ask you to come and join me as I share into detail how I wanted more QUALITY OF LIFE rather then slow miserable death. Something I wish I knew about when my Mama was still alive. 

Invitation: May 20th, 2016. 

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