Kimchee Me Please!!!

It’s been a long long time since I was able to have anything spicy. I have been wanting and waiting and finally this May I am experiencing flavors and spices like it’s my very first time!!! Oh how I’ve missed it! My first among the many different types of heat was wasabi. Which I like to eat as is instead of mixing with shoyu sauce. I was loving it!

The many types of side effects you could get while on chemotherapy can really mess you up. One of the many I had was getting mouth dryness, soreness and sometimes mouth sores all together. Anything spicy would inflame my mouth, it was unbearable. Not the “oh it’s hot” kind of way but more like an open sore “MOMMeeeeeeee it hurts!” Kind of way.

Mahalo ke Akua Mauna o ka lani, Thank God that’s done and over! Again I have learned so much going thru this cancerous experience and it felt so horribly long going thru it all and now that it’s over I feel like it went by fast.

I enjoy eating. I enjoy the flavors of life. It was a bit difficult not having the many different things I had before but now that I can have them again I appreciate it so much more. 

On Mother’s Day I was able to have my very first kimchee. I was so happy! My Ohana and I took my parents out to a Korean BBQ restaurant called Cham’s Korean BBQ.  I was in food heaven! Lettuce wraps with bulgogi, radish wraps with marinated chicken and of course kimchee. A buffet of chicken, beef and pork right in front of me and having all I can eat rice and kimchee!!! YES PLEASE!!! 

Eating whole foods just got so much easier! Organic never looked so good! Being off of chemo for 1 month and out of the hospital scene could make me want to run to junk, processed, inexpensive, genetically modified foods. Not so. I’m already trying to empty out nuclear waste in my body. I don’t need to add anymore in. 

Buying organic or eating fresh and whole foods is not as costly as hospital bills. The natural probiotics in kimchee and eating all the vegetables with beef makes me want to be Korean! My love for food has changed to a love for whole foods. Now just o get my honey to drop the chip bag LOL. 

I continue to incorporate my love for whole foods along with everything that helped me thru kicking cancers candy Azz. Mahalo for your time and for sharing and for supporting me thru this journey. Mahalo 

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