BLUE SKIES, Never Looked So Good!

I used to wonder how some would always have the look on their face like nothing couldn’t get them down. Like no matter what hit them, they’d always have a smile on their face. The skies were always blue and the birds were always singing a sweet tune. 

I now feel like this type of person. The skies have never looked so blue and so good! I’m in love with God and he creation all around me. I do only want happiness and wellness for anyone that I come in contact with. Breath of life has never felt so good and everything around me that I see, touch, taste and smell I approach with newness.

If we look at our life and compare it to a glass of milk. Determining how much has been taken from our cup, do you see it as half full or half empty? Am I trying to leave this world with a full cup? Or be remembered as filling other cups till my own is empty. 

How do your blue skies look? Mine has never looked so good! The breath in me has never felt so amazing! As I continue on this month remembering my Mama. I appreciate seeing her bits of light in my everyday and thanking her for them. I pray and hope you can see the light in your day and remain light no matter how dark it can get. I am reminded by my own story. To stay grateful. To be kind. To spread aloha. To shine on. To always Make Mahalo.

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