Freedom and Fruit

Into the deep

I lose myself, I lose control my health my wealth.                                                                                                                                                I search for what I cannot have, my soul belongs to every last chance.                                                                                                    But then I let go of what could’ve been, the memories of days no longer within.                                                                                   To me I let go, to me I say bye, I see I no longer had me in my eyes.                                                                                                            So back to myself and back to control and back to my health and my wealth I must go.                                                                     I’ll miss my dark sin and the lust of my flesh, I’ll miss my dark eyes and how they caress.                                                                 Options of treasure and pleasure and strain, options that lead to my body’s harsh pain.                                                                Away from that, back to the light and back to my soul and back to my calm for I let it go.                                                                                         And now a new pleasure without feeling pain and now a new treasure without all the strain                                                              Come let us just be, come dance and be free. Let’s eat all the fruit, come journey with me.

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