Happy October!

What an amazing year it has been! And by amazing i mean surprising! Astonishing! Shocking!!! Death came and went. Near death experiences here and there. And now, LIFE…


Stage 4 cancer was no joke but what was so miraculous about my situation is that I made it out, CANCER FREE, in four months. They said as you get older you go thru challenges and situations that could possibly make you wiser. Well my ‘Ohana, it has.

I come here once again to say mahalo to all of you that has supported me thru it all. I would like to also ask for your help. October, I will be all over my social media sights mostly to share my story and my journey in the hopes that I might help someone that is going thru a similar situation as I did.


There are many things that cancer has done and opening my eyes is to the world of cancer is one of them. My desire now is to be a spokeswoman for cancer. That might sound weird but if you keep up with my blogs you will soon learn what I mean by that. I have lost many loved ones to cancer as well as almost losing myself. But I chose to pay attention and learn what it’s really about.


Come join me on my journey and share with those you know that would benefit from this shared information. My aloha to all of you my ‘Ohana. Mahalo

4 Thoughts

  1. Funny, I was just thinking about that “Time In Space” when all this came, and (Thank the Lord!), Went! I was there with you, and constantly watching and praying over you. And, tremendously Grateful to God for every NEW DAY of seeing you in Life; in the Now with all of Us! Even now, I remember the tears I cried back then, were mixed with sorrow and with gratitude. Today, I cry tears of Joy, that you and I can hang-out together; eat-out together; and just live-out our life together. Mahalo ke Akua! Aloha nui loa!


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