Cancer and Chemo Talk 1

(what i’ve learned about cancer and chemotherapy )

It’s almost like these two are misters in crime! May I introduce to you Cancer and Chemotherapy. They like to spread thru your whole body thru your bloodstream. They know no size, color, race or species. They just know they were made for one thing. To KILL! Whether it’s multiplying and killing or just killing everything right away.

I’ve learned that some give cancer too much clout as if it just made itself. Like it magically appeared out of nowhere and it’s only goal is to destroy whatever’s in it’s path.

I would like to say cure but I don’t want anyone jumping on my sweet bottom. LOL! So I will say that the healing of your body and destroying of cancerous cells is to

“Know thyself” -Thales

 “Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food”. -Hippocrates

To literally know thyself is to know what you can and cannot handle. Sure you have those around you that might possibly be licensed and registered to talk about it with you which is totally fine but… most times they say and do what fuels their pockets. If I actually did what those officials said to do at full capacity, I wouldn’t be here, MakingMahalo. I’d still be in treatment or worse…

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  1. When the Dr said, “You know itʻs cancer?” Of course my mind was spinning. But when Hoʻo had the presence of mind, to put together a management plan, that involved everyone, I saw HOPE! I found myself being a Witness to a Miracle. Godʻs Word did assure me, “I am doing something NEW…” , cause the Old thing was death. And knowing that God doesnʻt lie, I held on to that Word. I live watching you MakeMahalo with this brand New Life of yours, and I am so Grateful to the Lord for that. I pray that this message of HOPE will reach Millions! To God Be The Glory, Great Things He Has Done, and will Continue To Do!

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