Cancer and Chemo Talk 2

(I am just here to share with you. I cannot force you or tell you what to do.)

Cancer and Chemo are partners in crime. When diagnosed, Your choices are 1) fast painful death or 2) slow painful death. I chose the alternative. I wanted life! I wanted health. I choose to be opened to a new way of thinking about Cancer and Chemo. Because honestly, all the examples in my life concerning cancer and chemo was death. Miserable living. Uncomfortable life. Stressful. Thats all I knew. And I think this is with most diseases.

Deep down inside I felt there had to be an alternative. I found one and I challenged it. What did I have to lose?! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING because the choice that is given is death! I have put it to the test using my own life and now I live to share my story.

Coming from Stage 4 Cancer is no joke. My cancer was spreading fast! I was determined! And this my dear friend is the attitude you must approach your life with. And if your reading this and battling cancer, then more so you need to have a Smack Cancers Azz attitude!!! This is the first step to beating cancer. Having an uncontrollable desire to beat it! A determination within yourself to Choose Life.

As you do this then comes the action steps toward health. Feeding your body what it needs to rejuvenate itself so that the body can do what it was born to do naturally. The body cannot fight against cancer by positive words alone but by consuming wholesome foods. Drinking water and liquids to help flush the chemo out. I took vitamins and supplements to help feed my body what it needed to continue on with the fight against cancer.

My heart is heavy today for the loss of a cancer buddy that was my age, started the same time and in for the exact same thing. Stage 4 uterus cancer. My heart is heavy because she leaves behind 2 beautiful daughters and a husband.

As you go about your day, say a little prayer for her ‘ohana and then purpose to Make Mahalo where ever you go. Aloha



In loving Memory, Justine Snow 1982-2016


Aloha ‘Oe

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