Cancer and Chemo Talk 3

(My mahalo runs deep)

Today’s share is targeted for those that are in treatment but also great info for those that are caregivers or those that know of someone in treatment. I know there is a place for medications and chemotherapy. Like stage 4 or stage 5 patients. For those that need help right away. But, who knew that you could help heal your body thru great food or even taking vitamins and supplements!?…

But sorry, I got off track. This is about going above and beyond. NO! Not for someone else but for YOURSELF!!! If your in treatment now or just found out about having cancer then this ones for you!

Once you accept it, cry about it, then let’s get you on the journey to kicking it’s “A!” and to recovery! You might think i’m crazy but you don’t have to accept that your going to die from cancer. Sooner or later we are all going to die but your day doesn’t have to come from cancer eating at your cells. Accepting that you have it is like your first step in knowing. YAY! You found out! Now let’s get to work. (No i’m not feeding you false hope. Positivity totally helps you. Stress will only make it worse. I have proof of that!)

When I woke up in the hospital and the on call doctor came in and told me “YOU KNOW IT’S CANCER, RIGHT?!” (Stage 4 Uterus Cancer) My attitude was, “OK. Yay. So, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?!”Β Yes! Great! Now I know why I bled out to the point of convulsions and death! Here I am. Back to life. Now let’s get rid of it! Geeze! (LOL)

And now. Here I am. CANCER FREE!!! Did I happen to mention 4 MONTHS LATER! In this video I share with you, Soon to be CANCER FREE person, steps that you should consider to help you thru chemotherapy treatment. ALOHA

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