Cancer and Chemo Talk 4

(oh be careful little mind what you think)

Today my aloha share is simple. Journal… Simple right! When going thru chemo, it may sound simple but not so much. The chemotherapy kills off cells. Brain cells? It seem like it. Us inpatient cancer patients called it “Chemo Brain”. Because sometimes we just couldn’t think. Or remember. Or know what we really want. One of my chemo sisters txt me exactly these words, “They are changing my chemo treatment to get me ready for a stem cell transplant.” As I went on to tell her to please take what I was taking to help her thru this time. She then proceeded to say “I don’t know what I what, I don’t know what my brain wants”. This was hard cause I knew what she was talking about. Depending on the strength (dosage) of the treatment, it feels like we can’t think, as if we start turning into zombies. (This was 2 weeks before she died.)

I can’t tell you how much journaling can help. Thru grieving times, joyful times, hard times, blessing times, growing times, sick times, any time. Even if you don’t have cancer at all. In today’s society we do many things on social media. But when we connect our mind with our eyes and then our hands writing it out, the connection that is made is powerful!

I want to share with you 2 amazing sites.

1)Β Redbarn Studios:Β Β Here you can find amazing journals or have a custom made journal like I did.

2) Beautiful Mind: Here you can gain a soulful connection to your Mind, Body and Soul! I absolutely adore this site because it doesn’t take time away from your life. Finding something that can add to your life without costing you money is just absolutely AMAZING!!! Such a treasure to have!

Mahalo for taking the time out to support me as I share some aloha and insight that I gained into the world of Cancer and Chemo. Please ask questions as well as share some aloha by sharing with others this blog. ALOHA!

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