Cancer and Chemo Talk 5

(cookie cutters are meant for cooking or play dough, not me)

I know you’ve all been seeing my post about friends that i’ve lost. Recently. From cancer… I thought by posting it would help me to get thru, heal, maybe cry, and then move on. What I was actually doing was making myself so busy and not letting myself go thru the emotion of it all. I ended up… balling all that emotion… and hiding it away… waaaay… deep deep down… deep down inside my innards… I really don’t recommend doing this. I LOL at it now but recovering from something like this is quite horrible. 😂

Apologizing to each of them, one by one, mostly because I felt sorry that I couldn’t help more. Begging to try what I did. Sharing everything that got me thru. Constant calls or txts or visits even when I already finished all my chemo treatment.Although, As I evaluated the situation, feeling like a Super Hero that couldn’t save the one, I then realized… I DID TRY MY BEST! I did do what I could. I shared my story multiple times. I wrote on my blog and did videos in hopes they might watch it. I DID! And I am going to continue on sharing until the one that sees the value in their own life will reach out to me.

I can only share my story. I cannot make anyone do what they don’t want to do. Wellness is a choice. Making the steps forward, taking action, stopping excuses or reasoning with the “WHY I FORGET” “WHY I CAN’T” or “IT’LL ONLY WORK FOR PATIENCE”… These are all your choices. You make your own decisions.

I challenge you to

  1. write down your “Whys” or “Reasons” in the comment box and submit it!
  2. write down your “Needs” or “Wants” in the comment box and submit it!
  3. let’s REVIEW and see how we can get you where you want to be

Whether it’s

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Joy
  • Freedom

There’s always a way. We just have to look harder and be consistent.


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