The Dead Will Arise and Grow a New Root.

Fall is here and the dead leaves are dropping

Growing thru each sleepless night without stopping

Learning as the sun keeps rising and rising

praying for enlightenment and His wise advising

As I keep breaking the lines of long suffering

I keep on persisting with all my might muscling

Heaven has split and poured out a blessing

As I opened my heart and did my confessing

No longer the slave to your jealous devices

I sparkle out my kaka as you eat it with spices

Your ugly has shown as you wished I was dead

But the light within me has you hanging your head

So love me and keep me and celebrate the fight

I’ll keep you and see it thru with all of my might


2 Thoughts

  1. Ha! Ha! Ha! You really got me Good! I was reading, and reading, and reading, and really getting pulled into your visualization. Then Without warning, BAM! “No longer a slave to your jealous devices, I sparkle out my kaka as you eat it with spices…” and right then and there, I got a visual that I wasn’t prepared for. I was laughing so hard my face hurt! LOL!
    Your next blog should have some kind of a message: WARNING CONTENT IS EXTREMELY VISUAL!
    Enjoyed your poetry!

    I loved your poetry!


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