Happy 2017!: Day 1

The end of 2016, Dec, I went MIA on most social media. I suddenly went silent and became very private. I was posting a lot of my baby girl up until the 18th of December.

The craziest thing happened to me… My body began to go into some kind of muscle memory relapse and I started to experience every symptom, side effect, pain and agony I felt when I found out I had cancer and then going thru the harsh chemotherapy/medication treatment. I kid you not it was like I was back in the hospital again! It took almost 2 weeks to recover from that mess.

I have recovered and I am myself again. Happier than ever to be celebrating 2017!!! Happy to be here again. Happy to be continuing on my journey of recovery and being cancer free.

Today, Jan 2nd I was able to get back to my planning. Not just any type of planning but PLANNING WITH PURPOSE! Being a planner addict is important for me to continue because I still deal with side effects of having a ChemoBrain. Being forgetful. Sometimes we all deal with that but for me it happens way to often. Like within the next moment of that thought.

I’m excited to be here and share this space with you as I journey thru 2017 with purpose. Making Mahalo continues on with much aloha! Let’s enjoy the ride together. Aloha!

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