Grab It By The Balls!: Day 2

*Warning* Bit of a rant this one is…

Call it what you want. I know we all have set backs or we shoulda all on ourselves with reasons and excuses of why we can’t do what we want. Why we can’t achieve what we want. If we actually look at the situation… Is it a real reason or an excuse? Is it just fear or insecurities holding us back from being the best we can possibly be?

My rant is just a rant and release but I still push on and forward. The side effects I continue to go thru are:

Chemo brain. It’s a real thing. That’s why planning and carrying a note book everywhere is so important.
Living spontaneously. Which is not good to do all the time, which I do all the time, I don’t think of the after effect.
Muscle pain
Bone pain
Slow recovery
Knife Stabbing (literally what it feels like) head pains
Hip/Joint pain (i’m only going on 35 and should not be having this)
Slow thought process at times

I mean… just to name a few. Am I using this as a crutch? No. When I work out I know my recovery will be painful and slow but I keep going. I do watch myself and continue to listen to my body. Or I have my sister telling me lol.

Working and making money… Besides what I do with my kids, I would love to make easy money. Growing your own business and keeping consistent is another story in itself! My point is… Let no excuse hold you back! Let no fear get in your way! Be the best you and continue forward with much ALOHA!

“Plan your day, Plant your seed, do it with Aloha and you WILL SUCCEED!” Mahalo

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