First of Many More to Come!: Day 3

This year I turn 35! Which is SUPE DUPER amaZahZing for me because I almost didn’t make it thru 2016.. literally… BUT I DID! and i’m so SO Joyful that I did. Seriously guys, I will never get tired of sharing this so be prepared, this won’t be the first or last time you hear about it.

I’m so excited about this year that for my birthday in February I will be doing a giveaway. 35 things that I will create from my heart, with much much aloha! I have never done a giveaway so this in itself is super exciting. comes from a very deep soulful place, mindset of gratefulness.


If you would like to be a recipient there are just a few things I need from you.

1. Subscribe to my YouTube here

2. Comment with your own MakeMahalo moment with hashtag #MakeMahaloMoment on Instagram here

3. Follow and Share my blog MakeMahalo here

That’s it! I can’t wait to share with you my creations made with Aloha. Mahalo for sharing this space with me!

Plan your day, Plant your seed, Lead with Aloha, And you will SUCCEED!

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