I’m an ADDICT! : Day4


I’M AN ADDICT AND I LOVE IT! I’m addicted to planning and journaling! Surviving/Thriving stage 4 cancer was one thing but now recovering thru the side effects of chemotherapy is another issue. That’s where the planner world and journaling world has taken me and turned my life around! I now plan with a purpose and I have all the tools I need to do so. Mahalo to Michael’s Craft Store…Ā 

Having a ChemoBrain makes me forget very important things. Journaling is a memory bank for me to look back on. Not everything I do is on social media. Planning in my planner while beating it up with washi tape and stickers keeps me focused. I was all doom and gloom because I was forgetting important appointments or forgetting that yes I paid the bill in December but this is January and of course it starts all over again.

Everyone has there own thing that gets them thru life. Planning and journaling has become mine. Plus to, when I become old and my kids become adults, I want to remember the things I will forget in old old OLD age. Share your thoughts… What positive thing are you addicted to that’s changing your life? Comment below.

I encourage you to find your thing. Keep the joy. Be the light. PLAN WITH PURPOSE! And then teach those around you to do the same. I cannot tell how much of a positive difference it has made in my life! Mahalo for sharing this space with me! Much ALOHA

“Plan your day, Plant your seed, Lead with ALOHA and you will SUCCEED!”