Denied: Day 5

Before marriage, there were a couple of things that I loved to do mostly because I had a talent, gift or just a deep desire to do it. After marriage and after having just a few kids (lol)  I seem to have put a lot of things on hold. Including the things that seem to come naturally… Like shooting a pistol. It’s no secret that I like weaponry but all for my own reasons.

It has been 4 plus years since i’ve pulled the trigger on anything. Today I was extremely excited and happy to be jumping in on range time. I have denied myself the pleasure of having fun. I have denied myself access to things that bring me joy. The crazy thing is I didn’t do this purposefully. It was all accidental because I let life take over me instead of me leading my life with plans of health and wealth and fun and joy.

So I continue on in 2017 with plans set in my journal and planner to UNLEASH THE BEAST!!! It’s pretty exhilarating! Married with 6 kids and not having to wait till retiring age to do the things I love to do! EXHILARATING!!!

It’s crazy what death can so to you but it’s amazing what life can do to you. My only hope is that you find your joy without having to go to death just to find your way. 

Plan your day, Plant your seed, Lead with Aloha and you WILL Succeed!

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