Aloha! Happy February 1st!

It amazes me how much time goes by. My kids are getting taller, smarter and sneaker. Which always makes me stay up on my mommy game! lol
This year there are many changes. For one, i’m not packing my small Hello Kitty suitcase and waiting for the hospital to call and let me know if I have a room to start my 3 day chemotherapy treatment.

February 1st, 2016 One of the reasons why I didn’t mind going to the hospital. The VIP View πŸ™‚

If you would like to see more of my story, jump over hear…

Sometimes someone else story amazes us so much that it’s unreachable. So far from the truth. I would see cancer stories of those who have passed on like my mama or those that thrived and amazed all who heard. I never thought I would be told I have stage 4 cancer but faced with it I was determined to kick it’s a$$! I didn’t know I would do it in 4 months!!! My success is because I listened to my nutritionist. Following her Mind, Body and Soul Challenge helped to change my thought patterns.

Genesis x’tranol24Β Changed my entire cancer story! I took a 1/2 a bottle a day of the caplets because I wanted life! I had nothing to lose bugenesiscapstempt my life. Chemotherapy was their but it was taking my life away rather then giving it to me. Medications were there but it was adding other problems rather then giving me life. I didn’t have to spend thousands of dollars trying experiment or go searching for around the world remedies.

So here I am, 5:30 am waking up to my husband going to work and my older boys getting ready for school. (on their own) Looking out the window to my first home that was bought with joy and fun mostly because of this guy, Lance Woolwine.Β lancei

I could name so may more things to make my Mahalo. I am so excited about this year and this life i’ve been given. I’m excited to share my story so that it doesn’t have to be just my story but other peoples stories. Could you imagine a world without cancer!? It can happen if we refocus our attention.

There are so many things that our world could do without and cancers one of them! Enjoy the life your living even with all the challenges you face. Strive for the best because life is more enjoyable when it’s the best. Plan with a purpose so your time is not wasted. Make boring mundane walks fabulous with the right music and attitude. GiveAlohaMakeMahalo

One thought

  1. Every time I read your blogs, I feel a sense of deep appreciation to God, and at the same time IΚ»m questioning myself, “Did this really happen?” I know it did, but it still seems like an unbelievable truth! I am reminded daily, that with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! And with the RIGHT PEOPLE in your life, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TOO! To God be the glory, Great things He has done, and continues to do! What a blessed assurance we have. I love you.


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