Born to Create

(It has been awhile but for good reason)

Love, lust or jealousy. What fuels you to keep on going? How can we really be ourselves if all that is around us is telling us to be a cookie cutter image of what we see day to day. Telling us what to do and taking away what we are naturally born to do. Create.

And so it goes the life we live is fueled by lust and want. But know your wants and plan your days, work your best and see the change.

Like these specialty made doughnuts from Blue Star in Portland, Oregon, our life must be well planned so we don’t become the cookie cutter person or the everyday doughnut. Simple yet complex. Traditionally made yet adding our own creativity to make the taste one of a kind! To be one of a kind.

Coming from stage 4 cancer and going thru a very aggressive chemotherapy treatment, I have learned a couple of things.

  • Love thyself

With 6 kids, husband, 3 dogs, a home to keep in order, my number one priority should have been Ā ME. But it wasn’t.

  • Judge righteously

One of the reasons why I would not do certain things is because my own self judgement was so harsh that it hindreded my creative movement.

  • Love over blood

Know truly who gives a šŸ’©šŸ’©šŸ’© about you! I’ve heard family over everything or blood over others but some of the ones that truly gave to me in my time of need had no relations to me.

So yes! Never be anyone but yourself. Work your hardest. Be kind. Plan with Purpose. Be intentional. Love yourself and those you love so strong. And always do what you were born to do. Create, without judgement. Aloha

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