Planning with Paish

Pretty planners with stickers and perfectly polished nails would make anyone want to try to pick up planning but in my real world filled with 1 husband, 6 children and 3 bullies, planning for me looks no where near the youtube videos I obsess over! It certainly makes me feel I need every sticker she (The Perfect Planner) has. It makes me think I need to get bi-weekly mani/pedi’s done. SHE (The Perfect Planner) has me obsessing over Happy-Condren-Faux-Dori-Fix-Kikki-Websters Planners! Trying to decide which one I should choose. Which one fits me right. Which one will help me to one day become “The Perfect Planner”.IMG_3524.jpg

As I put in much time and research to find my fit, Alas… My 1 husband 6 children and 3 bullie’s (not to mention being a 1st time homeowner) has me thinking… SHE… is the Perfect Planner… for her world! But definitely not for my world. So on the hunt I go to find what really works for Paish, me.

Happy to say I found my fav planner that works for my O.C.D. Obsessive. Creating. Disorder. Of course after many purchases that deemed me to be a planner addict, my perfect planner… I MADE! Can you believe it! Apparently i’m not the only one that is enjoying them.  The concept was that of Ryder Carroll that came out with “Bullet Journal” but i’m pretty sure the Japanese were the first to get organized planning with their “Hobonichi” book. IMG_3522.jpg

So my signature booklets are nothing new but they are very much wanted in my community.

In my next blog, I will introduce 7 (maybe 8) easy hacks for planning. Hacks that helped me to be my own “Perfect Planner”.

“Plan your day, plant your seed, do it with ALOHA and you will succeed”

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