Blog That Vlog: Fear of Success…

I recently did a vlog about a blog I read by Ho’omālamalama at where she spoke on her personal take on how to get over the fear of success…

I’ve fought a battle of stage 4 cancer. Raising, mothering, teaching, leading 6 children. Building a new business that I absolutely adore and now blogging and blogging again. Thinking on these things and then thinking “Do I really have a fear of success?”

Reading on through the questionnaire I started to realize that I do or I did have a fear of success. Although I am not totally out of the woods yet in that area, I am however working on a more positive mindset and approaching my standards os success with more of an abundant way of thinking, feeling, being.

If your looking for a change in your thought process, I suggest you first begin by reading personal experiences and successes of others rather then pressuring yourself about making changes in your own life and then stressing on where to start.

How I started my own journey 👉🏽 Cut the self judgement and doubt and read this

How I tracked my journey 👉🏽 Recorded my thoughts, mood and habits by doing this
(if you would like your own then go here 👇🏽)

Make Mahalo Insert

Plan your day, plant your seed, do it with aloha and you will succeed! – Patience T.


How I changed my journey 👉🏽 from this Stage 4 Cancer Story

To this 👉🏽 Kill the Orcs Facebook Page

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