Blogmas 2017 “Dance Practice” (Day 2)

It’s December 2nd and all is CRAZY!!! Hustle and bustle is on and in full effect. Shoppers are shopping. Crazy drivers driving crazier. It’s cold in the Pacific Northwest and raining here and there. We are remembering and yet forgetting what’s important.


This post is dedicated to all the mother’s out there that try to remain reliable to their families and yet forget about themselves. It took death, stage 4 cancer and harsh chemo treatment for my little family to truly appreciate what they have. Not to mention NOT having me at all during a very hard time. I was practically living at the hospital. It doesn’t mean they didn’t love me.

Thru this journey they all have gained a deeper love and appreciation for me. Of course there are the times I need to remind them of what we all went thru. But now, i’m NOT trying to be Super Mommy/Wife (happily done). I’m NOT trying to do absolutely everything. I AM learning how to delegate more. I AM communicating more. I AM learning that I AM most important. Because I lost myself trying and Pride-ing myself to be SUPER WOMAN.

If we as mother’s that are care givers to our families, if we don’t first make ourselves important then all is lost. My health and wellness has become TOP PRIORITY! If I am not well, my family does not move forward toward success the way it should. I’ve learned to communicate this to my spouse more now then ever. I’ve learned to let him know that I will go thru different mood swings of emotion, depression, crazy fanatic joy, strong passionate desire for him and then sometimes not at all. I’ve learned to COMMUNICATE this to him and not let him try to figure me out just because I can figure him out.

All i’m saying is LOVE TAKES WORK! Love is an action. Each person that loves, loves differently. Although love is love it’s not the same type of love. All i’m saying is teach those around you how you need to be loved. All i’m saying is your not Super Woman or Wonder Woman, they were made from a man’s fantasy of a woman. What we are is STRONG. LOVING. KIND. RELIABLE. CONSIDERATE. Every fruit of the spirit is what we can be without even trying to be. They say we just need love in this world. Or to be kind. Just remember where Love and Kindness came from… our mother’s mother mother’s mommy mom. WE ARE LOVE and WE ARE PRECIOUS so take care of you.

*You can check out my story here Patience

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