Blogmas 2017 DIY (Day2)

Plan with INTENTION. It’s FREE to dream so why not dream and write it all down in a kawaii planner/journal. Really tho, planning with intention is so important for our dreams to become reality.

While I was inpatient and getting heavy dosages of chemotherapy along with many around me, most knew your chance of living a good life is out the door. Cancer is friends to no one. Stage 4 Cancer is one more step away from deaths door. So to get my mind out of the ground, six feet under the ground, I had to plan my life. I had to make my mind dream of the what if’s. Journaling and planning my way out of the situation I was in. So each step I took, each plan I wrote down was one step closer to kicking cancers candy azz!!!

Mahalo ke Akua, Thank God I did!

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