Blogmas 2017 – Stupid Cancer, Stupid Chemo (Day3-4)

I’m not a fan of stupid but cancer sure fits in the description of STUPID. There are many things to say about it all but what I say here is always based on experience. Side effects of both are….is….are one of the stupidest things to deal with. I fought my way out and it wasn’t even cause of chemotherapy either. OH NO! I would have been dead…again… if it were up to chemo and chemo alone. So I guess since yesterday was Sip and Social Sunday and today is Make Mahalo Monday, for my deep appreciation, soulful gratefulness, I am grateful for the experience, strength and fight and family that was around when going thru my cancer journey. If it were only up to cancer and chemo I would not have an experience or perspective or journey of cancer at all.


It’s crazy to say or to even hear myself say it but i’m even grateful for the side effects that I am going thru even now as I type. (I never was such a slow typer but I find myself hesitating and forgetting where each key is) Forgetfulness seems to be a major side effect of the terrible 2. Again, that it why intentional planning is so so important in my life. I could have a brilliant idea and then in the next second totally forget what it was all about. My skin has been another thing i’m having to address. My teeth. My body aches. My weariness. My slow healing…. In all this. At least I have chance to go thru all of this. My friends, are not able to feel any type of side effects at all. There is no feeling when your six feet under.

Yesterday I did vlogmas, just didn’t upload or post it. Why? Because I was so fatigue (side effect) that I could not even operate. AND YET WITH ALL THIS I STILL CAN’T HELP BUT BE GRATEFUL AND EVEN MORE SO JOYFUL!!! The day it all started is coming up soon and I can feel it. Don’t let a deathly disease let you gain an appreciation for life. Be a magic maker because magic makers can pull joy out of nothingness. Make Mahalo. Thru mahalo you will find hope. Joy. Love. Peace. and most of all, Gratitude.

I hope you’ll enjoy yesterday’s and today’s Vlogmas. Warning. It is not edited at all.

Sip and Social Sunday, Day 3

Kiss My What?! Vlog My Who?!

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