Vlogmas 2017 – Share the Aloha, Not the Hanabatah 👈🏽 mucus (Day 5)

So, my loving daughter decided to go outside with a thin jacket on in the cold Pacific Northwest morning and surprise surprise she has a cold that she so lovingly passed onto me and my 2nd eldest son.

Now a common cold is easy for the average person to kick but being that I am a person that is still in recovery from stage 4 Cancer and aggressive chemotherapy.

So today for Vlogmas and Blogmas I’m taking my vitamins, sleeping when I can, drinking lots of liquids and drinking my dads famous elixir that can usually kick any common cold.

I learned that if I don’t like being sick, then whatever I have to do to get myself better, IM GOING TO DO IT! This has been my attitude since my cancer journey. I don’t take any over the counter drugs because I basically got all the nuclear crap still flowing thru my vains so if I can do without over the counter drugs, you m going to do without it.

My list of vitamins remains the same just more of it along with more liquids. How do you fight the common cold?

The only vlogging I did today 😱😁

Here’s a little LOL for you 👇🏽 till tomorrow

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