For a moment in time, this was her home. Wherever I was, that is where you could find my mom (mommy). No complaints. She would have it no other way. She wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world but next to me.

There were times I tried to send her away to get a break. Seeing her sleeping in a hard chair in the ER room while I was stretched out on a bed. Times I felt I was asking too much out of her, without asking.

This picture says so much to me. She found joy in being able to comfort and help me in what could be seen as a horrible time for anyone. Stage 4 cancer takes its prisoner hostage until it sends its executioner Chemotherapy in. Something no parent can take away with a kiss on the forehead.

This picture was one of the many messages I would send to my ohana to let them know where I was at. And where I was at there she was. Smiling in her chair.

January 9th 2018 my mom turned a beautiful 21+. Her selflessness in my time of need taught me that there is no greater love on earth then a mothers love. As I scroll through my pictures and memories stream through I think about the questions people would ask me, β€œhow I did it”… How did I beat Stage 4 Cancer that had spread so aggressively to my lungs and blatter.

God. Faith. Hope. Prayer. Vitamins. Supplements. Soul Food. Ohana Care & Support. Nurse Care. Most importantly, Most of all. My mommy. One of the key ingredients to being victorious over cancer and chemotherapy, my mommy. I don’t know if I’d be in the same place if I were alone in that room. (I don’t want to find out either)

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  1. IΚ»ve seen your suffering and sacrifice during those moments. It was horrendous! And I was angry at the adversary, who thought that it could just come in and steal your health; kill your joy; and destroy your beautiful world! ThatΚ»s when I became a “VigilanteΚ»-Mommy”! DonΚ»t mess with an angry Mom! LOL! In my own quiet way, I (& your Dad) wanted to create a positive healthy space for you to heal in. What better way, than with a Hello Kitty bedroom; Κ»ono food; funny movies; happy music; lots of prayer cover; etc. My simple thought was to fill your space with so much positive energies, that the adversary would grow weak and tired of messing with you. Eventually, it also helped keep your spirits up, as well as your strength and immune system. Today you are cancer free! Praise the Lord! I love you! I was so thankful to be with you every step of the way. It was an honor to serve you during that time. Me ke aloha, pumehana ~ Mom

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  2. I honestly enjoyed going to the hospital treatments with you. It was like, checking into a hotel. The nurses who knew you, made it especially fun and enjoyable. In fact thatΚ»s where MakeMahalo was birth, during your visits. Of course there were the uncomfortable side effects and pain, that drew you out of sleep, and then we would go walking through the hallways, in the dead of night. You would be playing your jamz, and the nurses on shift would smile as you came dancing by with “Ferdinand”, (the IV pole). Your spirit and determination “Killed the Orcs!” Way to Go!

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