Cheat Day

Oh what a night!

February 18th I turned 36! I made sure to document the event but turned away from all social media to fully participate and live in the moment! What I planned to do. What I did not plan or know is that my ohana had gathered with my cousin to celebrate me. I MEAN REALLY CELEBRATE ME! Although I was born in Hawai’i, I was raised in the south. Brought up with southern foods as my staple. I had a Black Mama (its what we all called her and she preferred it over her name) and Big Daddy. I went often with my Uncle George to Black Mamas house where a large spread of black eyed peas, macaroni cheese, collard greens, butter honey cornbread, chicken, fried cat fish all cooked the real southern way! Not to mention the SWEET POTATO PIE! In a small way I grew up Black and proud of it. Lol But it was the food that made me feel like I was part of a generation and culture that taught me to put love and the expression “my foot” into whatever I cooked. My cousin who knew nothing of this except the fact that I always talk about missing southern food. She on the other hand had not been raised around anything like this but somehow her magical hands can cook as tho it runs in her veins. Somehow without my knowledge she coordinated with my ohana to cook for us… for me. Just when I thought the miracle of life was evident in my own, to be blessed with the miracle of a loving family that is consistently for me and a calabash cousin (not real blood family) that is a real life “Ride or Die B” is a miracle in itself. Finding people such as this usually takes a lifetime but I have not even reached half of my life and I already have a hand full. #Blessed*WARNING* Possible hunger may occur by watching the video.

One thought

  1. You are so loved! Eoʻao made a fabulous southern meal! It was beyond delicious 😋 I am grateful for your life and love 💗 celebrating with you and our Ohana! 🎉🎊🎈


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