My journey thru life has been one CRAZY ride! I am so grateful that it is continuing on with greatness!


I come from the makings of beautiful hawaiian women that have prayed and paved the way for me and my daughters and my daughters daughters and so on.


I am truly the product of deep, soulful, passionate love from amazing artists. My own passion and love for dancing came when I was 4 and I have been performing/dancing ever since.


My sister and I have become the entrepreneurs, business women, #BOSSGIRLS of the family. A lot of my own endeavors couldn’t have been done without her. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Check her brilliance out at


Make Mahalo was birthed from a moment of pure gratefulness, gratitude. November 25th I went into a surgery for a molar pregnancy. December 19th I went into convulsions and died. December 20th 2015, I was told I had Stage 4 Cancer, Trophoblastic Disease, which metastasized/spread to my blatter and lungs and was continuing to spread like wild fire. I was put on a very aggressive chemotherapy schedule that consisted of 5 types of chemotherapy treatment and 8 very strong dosages of therapy. The moment I received my first round of chemo, I was instantly losing hair.Β 20160121_191323

Going thru the ugliness and struggles of cancer and chemo, I was able to pull beauty from many different things around me and see the joy in it all. And now, 4 months later from my prognosis, I am excited to say that I AM….CANCER FREE!!! A shock for my doctors and nurses. Little did they know I took my life and health into my own hands.


I have become and evolved into a mighty unicorn and i’m excited to share this new journey of my life with my ‘ohana, my husband, our 6 children…


our 3 exotic puppy bullies… and YOU!


Mahalo for being here and allowing me to share this time and space with you. Let’s become unicorn buddies. Also, follow my personal instagram at MakeMahalo. Mahalo

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